A Second Album?!

Help us create an album of “chamber pop” with harmonies like honey and really, really well-crafted songs.

Thank you for coming here! We're excited to come with you, and to record the album we've always had in us.

The Basics:

We are Boreas! We’re a vibrant Tucson band with a singular approach to pop music. We use our classical training and our hips in equal measure: complex vocal harmonies melded with catchy tunes and obese beats.

We have been compared to the art rock of Radiohead and Grizzly Bear; the pop vocals of the Beach Boys or the Beatles; the sick low-end of Gorillaz. Check out music.boreas-sound.com for an idea – but our sound has changed a lot over the past year. And that’s what this album is for!

The Opportunity:

For the last few months, we've been working with producer Chuck Dorman of Mesa, AZ, really honing our latest songs into sonic treats that capture a fine balance: all the smoldering energy of our live show, all the hips and all the bump and soul – plus all the subtle timbral shifts and weird sounds that our obsession with detail has always led you to expect.

And we now have the opportunity to record at the Saltmine Studio Oasis up in Mesa, which has recorded artists as diverse as Tegan and Sarah, Tupac (!), Sheryl Crow, Lil Wayne, and the Jonas Brothers. On vintage equipment – like a Wurlitzer that Ray Charles once played, and a Gibson jazz guitar older than our fathers.

AND we will be mixing our songs with Brian Vibberts, a quadruple-Grammy-award-winning mixing engineer who has worked with everyone from Lauryn Hill to Eric Clapton to Chick Corea.

The Rewards:

You can make this album happen – and you can get really sweet stuff in the act of doing so. At the lower levels, you can get stuff like posters and shirts, and you can preorder the album. (Anyone who preorders the album will get a custom Boreas guitar pick right away, to remind us all of your act of faith.)

But things start to get interesting quickly. For $20, we’ll record a voicemail greeting for your phone… in four-part harmony. For $25, you will receive an invitation to a Secret Show in a very underground location. For $50, we’ll write and record a four-part harmonization of any text you wish. For $75, we’ll make a video of ourselves covering any song you want, and stick it on YouTube. For the same price, we’ll write and record you an original song on any subject and in any style!

Check out the other tiers – there are Discount Bundles and Private Shows and sundry other interesting things.

The History:

You, beautiful people, have followed us on a journey of six years! Boreas has been around, it's true, since 2006. In that time, we've recorded a full-length album totally DIY; we've played dozens of concerts in Tucson and all around Arizona; we've gone to college; one of us has had children.

And in just the last two years, you've seen us take two West Coast tours, bringing our sounds as far north as Seattle and back again. You've heard us record two more EPs, again completely DIY, one of them full of songs YOU told us how to write. And you took us to the top spot in the Tucson Weekly’s TAMMIES, as the Best Up-And-Coming Artist of 2012.

So now, friends and family, acquaintances and dearly appreciated fans, it's time! We've gone as far as we can with the DIY sound, with the equipment we have access to. It's time to step it up. And we're stepping it up.

We are SO excited for the future, but we can't do it without your help!


Bob, Evan, Sam and Seth.

P.S. Back the project by clicking the big "Support Now" button to your left! Check the F.A.Q. if you aren't sure how this thing works specifically.

+The Project FAQ's

What is a question?

Well, a question is like a statement, but it isn't a statement.

What is a Boreas?

Bands for 400, Alex.

Ok but seriously. How does this even work?

Like this: 1) You click the big Support Now button on the left. 2) You enter your information, including choosing your preferred Level from a drop-down menu. 3) You pay via PayPal. We'll email you and ask for specifics if you ordered a customizable thing (e.g. shirt size, subject and style of custom song). 4) You get our things!

(Some stuff you'll get right at the end of the campaign, some stuff within a month afterward, and The Album you'll hopefully get by May. We'll post a specific timetable in an update later on.)

Why does this look like Kickstarter kinda, but is not Kickstarter?

It's "IgnitionDeck"! The differences are: a) we don't pay 10% in total fees; b) your money immediately goes to work for us (rather than all getting billed at the conclusion of the campaign). These are important differences, because we're already recording the album and we need to keep paying for recording and mixing time.

How do I order more than one thing at once?

Unfortunately, IgnitionDeck has some limitations, and this is one of them: you cannot order more than one thing at once. Just make a separate order for each thing. OR, option B, if you have a complex request: email us at boreasmusic [swirly a] gmail [period] com, and we'll hook you up with your desired combination.


1/25/13: Update #3!

Holy cow, we're at $2849 as I write this. That's over $1000 in a single week -- we beat our amazing first week! Thanks, everyone!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have been bowled over by the warm and enthusiastic response of the past week. We're so bowled over, we fell down and landed on the internet:

In short, there is a video for you! Super-cool.

You guys blew past $2000 so fast that it's almost $3000 before I got around to writing this! So we're very nearly at 50%, which is very, very encouraging. (There are, however, just five days left as I write this. Which is a bit scary.)

The thing you can do, as always, is tell people about us and about this campaign! And tell us that you told them about us; there is indeed a Secret Prize for those who successfully do so.

What, then, are we doing in these crunchiest of times? Why, preparing for the End, of course! We're ordering up the shirts and getting your custom guitar picks done. We've scheduled a date for putting the finishing touches on the recording, and we're getting our recorded tracks all polished and ready to send to mixing. (It's possible that we might let our backers hear a mixed track online before the album is released! Aww yiss.)

More news as it comes. Thank you, each and every one. This is Boreas, signing off.

1/14/13: Update #2!

Well, here we are. As of right now, we're at around 25% of our goal--with only 16 days left!

Your generosity has already been an enormous boon to us, to be sure. The fact that this site, unlike Kickstarter, makes funds available as soon as they are pledged (rather than after the goal has been met), has supplemented our own funds and made it possible for us to pay for almost 40 hours of studio time so far. We've recorded eleven songs, with two remaining on the docket. One song is already on its way to the next step, mixing!

But the fact remains that we're at only 25% right now. And with mixing costs running to several hundreds of dollars per song, we're coming up against a very hard barrier.

So: if you're seeing this for the first time, consider popping us a bit of change and selecting one of the fine products we've listed for your consideration. And if you're returning to check up on us, tell your friends! We live and die by word of mouth.

Finally, here's a blog post about our Recording Experience of last weekend. Read and enjoy: http://boreasmusic.wordpress.com/2013/01/14/24-hours-of-mining-salt/

12/18/12: Update #1!

Wow, ladies and gentlemen -- you've put us significantly over $1000 in just ten days. We're making it a point to give you some tasty treats for every $1000 we hit, so check out our video below! It's from our First Day In The Studio.

Video produced by Garrett Swenson with the aid of Access Tucson.


We are just kicking off the project - we'll be updating you along the way!